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These 16 Hacks will finally “fix” boring, dull, and “sex less” conversation that never create attraction or desire in a girl.Let’s look at this, it’s just the tip of the iceberg:

When you get this training you’ll discover:

  • Avoid “brain farts” where you can’t think of anything to say…
  • Easily move a conversation to a more “intimate” level, instead of getting stuck in “interview mode” all night.
  • Brings out her “fun” side so her “guard is down” and its easier to get her attracted to you
  • Pumps your conversation full of “personality” so that she remembers talking to you long after you’ve left her side. (…and she can’t wait to see you again)
  • Gets her opening up, putting effort into he conversation, and working to impress you…
  • Lets you move things forward without weirding her out… (and without seeming too eager or try hard)
  • Makes you appear “socially savvy” (Even if you’re shitting bricks inside)
  • Guides you through a conversation with a “tool box” of fun and playful things to talk about
  • Arms you with my tested, proven techniques for sparking that elusive “vibe” with a girl

Conversation Hack: Video #1

Did you ever talk a girl who acts like a “dead fish” and gives you nothing to work with? And worse, she makes you feel like you’re the boring one? Here’s a conversation trick that quickly cracks her shell and gets her opening up.

  • Discover how to make her feel funny
  • Bring out the best side of her personality
  • Have her addicted to being around you


Conversation Hack: Video #2

An easy to learn ‘humor’ technique that demonstrates “social savvy” and quickly gives you and the girl a topic to “bond” over.

You can also use this technique to capture the attention of a group of people, and quickly become the guy they all want to talk to.



Conversation Hack: Video #3

Here’s the best way to gauge her “sexual temperature.”

It’s how to find out if she’s comfortable moving forward sexually without triggering her “anti-slut defense” mechanism.

I make a point to use this tactic in the first 20 minutes of a date, because it tells me how likely I am to sleep with her that night.

I’ll give you example of simple lines you can throw out there that will reveal what she’s thinking.




Conversation Hack: Video #4

Did you ever mentally “replay” something a girl said, to the point where you couldn’t stop thinking about her? Trying to decipher what she meant? Which only made you anxious to see her again? I’ll show you how to do that exact same “trick” to her.

  • You’ll discover to create verbal “Open Loops” that get her thinking about and CHASING YOU when you’re not around.
  • Gets her invested in you, and builds anticipation to see you again


Conversation Hack: Video #5

One of the reasons guys struggle in conversation because they try too hard to “impress” a girl. And when a girl picks up on this it immediately lowers your value.

So I’m going to teach you a “hack” that gives off the “subtext” that you don’t care what she thinks. A weird thing happens when a girl believes a guy is NOT trying to impress her. She immediately becomes impressed.

  • Demonstrates “Verbal Confidence”
  • Show a high level of “Social Intelligence” 




Conversation Hack: Video #6

Ever run into an awkward or “weird” moment in a conversation with a girl?

Here’s what to say to say to instantly alleviate the awkwardness and make her more attracted to you. (you’ll actually be looking forward to moments you can use this… its that powerful)

  • Use this when approaching a girl during the day
  • Disarms her and gets her more comfortable around you 


 Conversation Hack: Video #7

When guys are on a date with a girl they usually make one of two mistakes when it comes to complimenting her:

1. He compliments too much and in a way that makes him look like a chump, or

2. He doesn’t compliment her at all because he thinks it makes him look weak

I’m going to teach you a “complimenting hack” that allows you compliment her, while still keeping your power, and building sexual tension and desire.



Conversation Hack: Video #8

Did you ever feel the pressure to continually be funny, tell stories, and entertain her?

  • She does most of the talking
  • You come off as the interesting one

This technique is so stealth that I’m hesitant to even share, because I don’t want girls to catch on what I’m doing. Some conversations I literally will talk for about 5 minutes out of 30 minute conversation, and she’ll walk away thinking I’m the funniest guy she’s ever met.



Conversation Hack: Video #9

Do you ever feel scared to “disagree” with a girl? Or to assert an opposing opinion?

Let me show you how this can actually be the most effective way to create an “attractive dynamic” with a girl… when you do it RIGHT.

(HINT: It creates the same “romantic comedy” vibe girls LOVE.)

There is a trait I call “playfully challenging” turns a girl, and tactic #9 teaches exactly how to display this trait, and have a girl feeling intense desire to kiss you.


Conversation Hack: Video #10

Did you ever feel like you were “hiding” while you talked to a girl? Almost like you were more concerned with covering up your flaws and looking “cool” than actually giving her a glimpse of your personality?

  • This tactic shows you how to confidently display your personality in a way that makes you look “comfortable in your own skin.” (Which is wildly attractive to a woman)
  • How to “spin” any topic into something you can use to move one step closer to kissing her.

Worried you won’t know what to say?  I’ve got you covered.


Conversation Hack: Video #11

If you find yourself worried about making a “mistake” you’ll love this hack because it allows you to smoothly recover from conversation blunders, bad jokes, or awkward situations.

One of the things you notice when you put these hacks to use is that almost anything that happens in a conversation is an opportunity to make her more attracted to you, to get her more turned on, and have her more anxious to sleep with you.

PLUS, my all-time favorite technique I call “Shameless Honesty”



Conversation Hack: Video #12

The “Hugh Grant Effect: ”Let me show you how you make your “flaws” and “mistakes” your most endearing qualities.

I’ll teach you a single sentence that makes everything you say seem “charming” even if you’re stuttering over your words.

If you’ve ever seen me talk you know I’m NOT the most polished speaker, often stumble over my words, and lose my train of thought mid sentence, however, I’ve turned this into one of my biggest “seduction weapons”.


Conversation Hack: Video #13

This hack is my all-time favorite way to skyrocket “sexual tension.” And oh man, its so fun to use.

Would you ever love to just say exactly what’s on your mind?

I’m going to show you how you can, and how girls will completely eat it up, when you do it in a specific way I’ll teach you.

You won’t believe what you can get away with saying to a girl under the guise of “shameless honesty.”


Conversation Hack: Video #14

This next hack shows you how to control the rhythm and cadence of you speech to create a “hypnotic effect” that her mesmerized by what you’re saying.

I’ll also show you a simple “tonality trick”, that done at the right moment, is the single best way to get her to lean in and kiss you.

  • Sound more confident and attractive
  • Get rid of nervousness or insecurity in your voice

Conversation Hack: Video #15

What if you could make a girl feel like she’s known you for ever? Like the two of you have a “deep connection” that she doesn’t feel with other guys?

This simple hack creates the “illusion of rapport” giving her the feeling that the two of you are long lost lovers, even if this if you’re very first date.

The Stickiness Effect: You ever have a song stuck in your head long after you’ve heard it? I’m going to teach you a hack that makes you “sticky” in her mind, where you bounce around her mind like a song she can’t shake.

Its all about dropping tiny little “breadcrumbs” through a conversation that lead back to you.

Here’s the Deal…


You’ll discover the exact tactics I use to turn ordinary conversations with girls into fun, exciting sexual encounters.

Each module is structured like this:  I explain to you what you need to do.  I tell you why it works. And then I give you step-by-step examples you can use tonight.

I’ve made this cookie cutter simple to implement… and left out all the fluff.

This is truly thought shifting. The choice is yours, so big or go home. Just know there is ALWAYS room at the top.

Less Than a Round of Drinks

With your registration today, you get everything you need to have fun, playful, sexual conversations with girls… whether you’re on a date, at a bar, or talking to a girl who has already placed you in the friend zone for less than a round of drinks.

Just think about it like this…

If Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes

If you keep going out and having the same boring conversation, why should you expect your dates or encounters with girls to get any better?

You shouldn’t

This is your last chance to learn and use the same “HACKS” that I’ve personally using for the past 6 years to date and sleep with well over 100 girls.

How Much?

Well, if you hired me as a coach to teach you all these tactics would cost you over $2000 for a full day with me.

But I managed to synthesize these into a series of online training videos, which saves you a lot of the expense of hiring me one-on-one to learn these powerful tactics.

So, because you’ve taken action today and have invested in yourself, to guarantee your success with girls.

You can get a copy of “16 Conversation Hacks” For a single payment of of only $37

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